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FANS Scheme

BETTER Islington Free Access for National Sports people (FANS)  

BETTER Leisure and Islington Council have agreed to allow nationally recognised sports people who live or study in Islington, free access to Local Authority sports centres. The FANS scheme aims to assist elite sports people to achieve their full potential by reducing the financial burden of training costs.

Eligibility for FANS

To be eligible for the scheme you must be aged 16 or over and a  current national level sports person from any Sport England recognised sport. National level is deemed as either a member of a national squad or ranked in the top 10 (UK or England) for your age group. Upon application to the scheme you must provide evidence from your national governing body (signed letter on headed paper) or publicly displayed information about your performance level (eg from the NGB website). To be a BETTER Islington FANS member, you must live or study in Islington.

How to Apply

Sport Islington and BETTER Leisure will administer the application process. All you have to do is write to



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