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Sport Islington provides a co-ordinated voice for voluntary sport in Islington. It will assist clubs in increasing awareness, participation and competition and in promoting sporting opportunities to all Islington’s residents and Islington based clubs and organisations.

Clubs and organisations can apply for up to £1000, to run sports activities in Islington.  If the organisations have Clubmark or other relevant accreditation, then they can apply for up to £1500.

Individual athletes, who are Islington residents, competing at county level and above can apply for a grant up to £500.

The grant aid is seeking to encourage and develop participation in sport at all levels and by all sections of the community. It is important that applications highlight the benefits to the community or the individual recipient. Provide as much detail as possible about how this financial assistance will benefit the recipient.

There are 4 funding rounds per year: January-March, April-June, July-September & October-December. Application deadlines are the final day of the final month in each 3 month round. Applications are reviewed by the committee in the 1st week of the following month after each 3 month round.

Before you apply take some time and read the Sport Islington Grant Criteria and Frequently asked questions.

We are currently having problems with our on-line applications. Please download the relevant paper copies of the applications by clicking the link below. If you would like to contact Sport Islington please email:  or call on 0744 354 3363.

Club/Organisation Application Form SportIslingtonGroupApplication

Club/Organisation Monitoring Form GroupMonitoringForm

Individual Application Form SportIslingtonIndividualApplication

Individual Monitoring Form IndividualMonitoringForm

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