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Highbury Table Tennis club – Female only Sessions

table tennis 1Female Table Tennis Sessions are going very well. There are regular female taking part in this session. We have excellent plan for female participants. We offer reduce rate membership for female participants.We like to enter female table tennis league team in the Central London Table Tennis League, this would be first time in History that Highbury fields Table tennis club would have entered a female team into the this league.


What our Female Table Tennis say about session

I find Sanket’s weekly table tennis sessions for women both useful and fun. Each session starts with an introduction of a new skill, like serve, topspin or forehand smash, with a good balance of theory and practice, and ends with a ‘top table’ competition. Apart from the general training I have learned a fancy new serve, which is already proving effective in matches. Very happy!” – Natalia

table tennis

‘Ladies table tennis sessions at Highbury Table Tennis Club have been the highlight of my week. I played a little table tennis in the past but not on a regular enough basis and mostly with friends, so it was really good to have weekly lessons to not only improve my game and break bad habits, but also meet like minded people who share the same passion for table tennis, no matter how advanced they are.


Attending classes for ladies only has it’s own advantages; even if the ladies are all of different skill levels, the atmosphere during class is really positive and supportive, we have so many laughs together when making mistakes or hitting the right shot. We not only get a great fitness session out of these lessons, learn new table tennis skills and improve them, but take part in something much bigger, which is a community gathering where every student can feel themselves, be as relaxed as possible, which is not something we should take lightly in a big and busy city like London. I cannot thank our coach Sanket enough for giving us all this opportunity to be equal and free of all out worries, work stresses, financial commitments, family responsibilities or whatever it is that keeps us busy the other 6 days of the week. On that one evening, we are all together, simply playing an amazing game.’ – Julija

‘I thought that it was amazing and I learned how to smash, so was really grateful.’ -Sharon

If you would like more information about the sessions contact Sanket Shah on

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