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How to promote your activity

There are 20 forms of media to promote sport and physical activity in Islington for free.

Get Active London

Get Active London is the largest sport and physical activity finder for Islington and London.

What you can do:

Go to Get Active London website to add an activity, event or club

Sport England Marketing tools

Sport England has got some great marketing tools which can be used to help promote your activity to your target audience. It has produced a device called a segmentation tool that states the best ways to promote sport and activity for the people who live in your area and the sport you offer based on their demographic. In addition Sport England has produce some insight work for both young people and women and girls. The insights help clubs and organisations take into considerations the barriers these sectors face when it comes to accessing sports and physical activity and offer practical advice on how to over come them.

What you can do:

Islington Council


  • The Active Islington section on the council website lists sport and physical activity in the borough. To add an activity contact
  • The Islington Directory lists regular activities and events, including ones for sport and physical activity. To add an activity contact
  • Heatwave lists activities for children and young people in the summer and at Easter. In July/August the council has posters at bus stops promoting Heatwave, and has produced brochures that signpost to key activities and events (these are direct mailed via schools, etc). Publicity signposts to the Events Diary on the council website.  Go to the website to register and to add an event.
  • Islington Life is the council’s local online magazine. To submit a blog post to Islington Life contact
  • Islington Council on Twitter. Become a follower of @IslingtonBC, send a tweet and ask for it to be re-tweeted by contacting
  • is Islington’s online directory of advice, information and services for young people. To have a service included contact
  • SignPost – the online newsletter for Islington’s Deaf Community, presented in BSL with English subtitles – includes information relevant to deaf people and details of Submissions of up to 250 words should be sent to

Schools and children’s centres

To ensure that the offer to schools and children’s centres is effectively coordinated and gets to the best person please contact Michael Peet (School Competitions and Sport Development Officer) to discuss how best to promote your support:

  • A school PE and sports update is sent to PE leads in primary schools about once a fortnight. To request for an activity to be included please contact
  • A schools’ bulletin is sent twice a week to school headteachers in term time. To request for an activity to be included complete the schools’ bulletin template available from
  • Circulars are sent weekly, usually Tuesday pm, to children’s centres and nurseries. To request for an activity to be included complete the children’s centre template (available from and send by Friday for inclusion to

Leaflets and posters


Many parks have noticeboards to display posters for activities in individual parks To request to display a poster contact

Libraries and Islington Museum

The borough’s 10 libraries and Islington museum display leaflets and posters. They are distributed from Central Library. To request to display a leaflet or poster contact

Leisure centres

The 7 leisure centres run by GLL may display leaflets. To request to display a leaflet contact the relevant leisure centre:

Housing estates and community centres

Noticeboards on housing estates can display posters. However, the space is very limited. Electronic noticeboards in housing blocks can display messages on a powerpoint slide. Electronic copies of posters can be forwarded to tenants’ and residents’ associations and community centres on housing estates.

To request a message on an electronic noticeboard, contact or

To request to display a poster or a poster to be forwarded, contact:


GPs and pharmacies

A weekly GP bulletin is sent to GP practices every Wednesday afternoon.  Complete and submit the GP bulletin form by Friday 5pm. The form is available from

Press release / photo opportunity

The press may be interested in human interest stories, though may not send a photographer. August is a good month when news is quiet.

  • Islington Gazette (comes out on Thursday, not free)
  • Islington Tribune (comes out on Friday, free)

Useful tips

Add to your website or other publicity a case study of how a user came along to your club/organisation and is now an active member of it. Why not make a video of your sport or activity and put it on your website or in emails? It will help promote you to potential users and parents of young potential users. The Sport Islington website has a share your story page especially for this.

Using social media such as Twitter or Facebook is a very effective way to promote your activity. Include a photo and web address in your tweet/post to increase the number of people you reach. In a tweet include relevant hashtags, and where possible link to what’s trending on Twitter or a current major sporting event, eg. Olympics, World Cup.

Sport England has a photo library you can use to download sports photographs.

Why not make a video of your sport or activity and put it on your website or in emails? It will help promote you to potential users and parents of young potential users.

Make Sport Fun is a useful website for how to promote sport and physical activity.

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