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Individual Athletes supported by Sport Islington Grants

Are you working towards a sports competition or event? Learning a new skill or setting a new goal? Share your story with us here

Tips:  you may want to include these in your story

  • Tell us about your sport and what level you are competing at.
  • Tell us about the competition, event, skill or goal you are working towards and why it is important to you.
  • Tell us how you did at the competition or event.
  • Tell us how you achieved your new skill or goal
  • Let us know what you are working on next
  • Upload a photo, this can be a selfie after training, an action shot or you with your medal/prize

Sports Club or organisation supported by Sport Islington Grants

Share your story with us here.

Tips: you may want to include

  • What event or session did you run?
  • Where did it take place?
  • How many people took part?
  • What were the successes of the event / session?
  • How can others get involved in your club?
  • Upload a photo (please make sure you have photo consent for those in the photo)

If you would like to promote your activity on the Sport Islington Newsletter please email the full details of your activity to with the subject: Promote my session.

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Sport/event or session
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