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Sport Islington and School Sports Award Ceremony


The Annual Sport Islington Award Ceremony was held on July 15th at the Town Hall, in partnership with Islington Schools Sports Partnership.

Sport Islington members were up for five awards on the night; club of the year, organisation of the year, sports man of the year, sports woman of the year and volunteer of the year, presented by International yachtsman Sam Brearey (pictured with award recipients)

  •  Zakaria Dahir – Volunteer of the year
  • Dominc Mcloughlin (Water polo) – Sportsman of the year
  • Yasmin Campbell (Fencer) – Sportswoman of the year
  • Islington Netball Club- Club of the year
  • METRO Blind Sport- Organisation of the year

Michael MacNeill, Chair of Sport Islington also said ‘The awards tonight were a great celebration of Islington sporting talent – be it performer, official, organiser, coach or club.  It was heartfelt to see, METRO Blind Sport win the Organisation of the year award, as a recognition for all their contribution to disability sports within the borough. Particularly as this is their 40th Year
and one year on from the success of the power Olympics’

The event was sponsored by Aquaterra.

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