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Sport Islington Award Ceremony 2015

The annual Sport Islington award ceremony was held on June 22nd at the Town Hall in partnership with Islington Schools PE and Sports Services.

The award ceremony kicked off with guest speaker Maddy Badcott, who rows for Great Britain. Maddy is a former Sport Islington grant recipient and Joanna Brown Trust winner in 2013 and 2014. Maddy knows all too well what it feels like to be sitting on the other side waiting for the winners to be revealed.

Maddy talked about how she discovered the sport of rowing. As an inactive not typically sporty young teenager, Maddy was told by her mother that she had to get out of the house and do something!

Maddy by her own omission says that she is not a sporty girl, disliked PE in school and was not very good. ‘But rowing is different, to get better all you have to do is work hard and you will see the improvement.’

Maddy continued to work hard. As well as representing Team GB she helped make history when she rowed for Oxford University at the 2015 Boat Race. It was the first time the women’s Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race was held on the same course and same day as the men’s race. See

Maddy’s take home message was to work hard and listen to your mum!

Sport Islington winners on the night were…


Volunteer of the Year: Britta Eke and Chris Bowles for their work as chairman and treasurer at Islington Borough Ladies Football Club


Sports Club of the Year: Islington Cycling Club


Sportswoman of the Year: Tominique Gibson, Gymnast

Sportsman of the Year: Dominic de Almeida, Fencer

Sportsman of the Year: Dominic de Almeida, Fencer

Pictured with the winners are guest speaker Maddy Badcott and Helen Sudall from the Joanna Brown Trust.

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