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Sport Islington Award Ceremony 2016

08_GLL_SPRT_AWRD_ISLNGTN_11th_JUL_PBLThe annual Sport Islington award ceremony was held on July 11th at the Town Hall in partnership with Islington Schools.

The award ceremony kicked off with guest speaker Nadia Jersey, who is a European Water-skier. Nadia is a former Sport Islington grant recipient.

Nadia introduced and explained water-skiing to an eager crowd. Although Nadia grew up in and went to school in Islington she had to travel her home club in Essex. During the winter Nadia trains in the gym to improve her strength and conditioning as it is too cold to get on the water.

Water ski racing is undertaken mainly on the sea in Britain but also on lakes, rivers and canals particularly when skiing in Europe.

Ski Racing is the fastest form of water skiing there is. It really gets your adrenaline going as you race against other skiers that can be right by your side at times along with the boats.

Races that take place on seawater and on inland waters can vary in conditions. The length of time also varies. Races can be anything from 35 – 50 minutes long averaging 1.5mile laps and totally 12 – 18 laps per race.  The overall aim of the race is record the best time.

‘Any skier will tell you that the muscles you use no matter how hard you train still hurt after each race and it’s often the ice bucket for most of us after intense racing. This requires sitting in ice for at least 10mins. This is a part I really don’t enjoy!’

Sport Islington winners on the night were…

Sport Islington Volunteer of the Year: Maison Alleyne Pictured with Helen Sudall, Joanna Brown Trust Sport Islington Volunteer of the Year Maison Alleyne pictured with Helen Sudall, Joanna Brown Trust
20_GLL_SPRT_AWRD_ISLNGTN_11th_JUL_PBLSport Islington Organisation of the Year Nelwon Fusion Pictured with Helen Sudall, Joanna Brown Trust

23_GLL_SPRT_AWRD_ISLNGTN_11th_JUL_PBLSport Islington Sportswomen of the Year Lilly Mills pictured with Helen Sudall, Joanna Brown Trust

25_GLL_SPRT_AWRD_ISLNGTN_11th_JUL_PBLSport Islington Sportsman of the Year Brandon Drew pictured with Helen Sudall, Joanna Brown Trust

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